Whether you are building a custom home or remodeling your existing one, the experience should be exciting and rewarding. Griffith-Brilhart Builders takes great pride in our superior quality craftsmanship and collaborative, long-term relationships with clients, vendors, and subcontractors. It is what has kept us in business in the Baltimore metropolitan area for the past 35 years

Our impeccable commitment to build creative yet functional homes has helped us amass more than our fair share of local and national awards. Our projects have been featured in leading publications such as Professional Builder Magazine, Maryland Builder, Remodeling Magazine, Baltimore Magazine, The Jeffersonian, Baltimore Business Journal, The Sun, The Aegis, The Daily Record, and The Jewish Times.

Through the years, we have never wavered on the following principles that have enabled us to continue to serve our local communities with gratitude.

It's All About Ease

There is no need for the building and remodeling experience to be intimidating or overwhelming. At Griffith-Brilhart Builders we utilize our vast experience to interpret and frame information that often comes from many sources so you can confidently make decisions that are right for you and your family.  We will collaborate with your architect or designer (or provide our own in-house expertise) and personally guide you with our proven management systems from the initial design idea to that final “moment of truth”.

Be a Force of Beauty and Function

A living space is just that…a place for you and your family to live the lifestyle you have chosen in both a beautiful and functional way. Your environment should please you aesthetically while accommodating your everyday needs and unique preferences. Generations of families have attested to the superior craftsmanship delivered by Griffith-Brilhart Builders in creating living spaces that combine form and function with equal finesse.

Communication is Key

We pride ourselves on listening intently and providing feedback to your visions and questions. Elegantly simple business processes ensure clarity, transparency and efficiency among all parties.  Written, detailed contracts and specification documents lay out your investment step-by-step. Everything is discussed in advance, with schedules providing ample time for you to make decisions without being pressured or rushed.

Execute Perfectly

Skilled, trained superintendents are held accountable for your investment. Our superintendents provide clear instructions to subcontractors and properly supervise and inspect all work. Our principals regularly visit the job site. We produce realistic job schedules, order materials, and strictly adhere to our quality control lists. And we welcome you to drop by during construction at any time.

Open to Changes

It’s your home.  If you are not feeling 100% positive about a decision and wish to make a change, it’s no problem. Griffith-Brilhart Builders does not penalize our clients in any way with up charges for changes, forced schedule delays, or an exasperated roll of the eyes.  Our role is to provide you with production and cost differentials (if there are any) that result from the change and move forward; it is not to make changes painful, purposefully expensive or impossible.

The Buck Stops Here

We are honest. We care about what we do. We want to do the right thing and do it right. While others may call it “smart business”, it’s really just who we are as people. Our principals, Dwight Griffith and George Brilhart, are personally involved in all phases of a project – design, estimation, construction, and warranty service. Truly, the buck stops here.

To explore your options, call Dwight Griffith at (410) 557-8900.